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Blue Van

    If you haven't already guessed it I'm a man with a van. I've been doing this in Manchester for the last two years. I've found myself moving equipment to gigs for bands, artwork to and from gallery's, sound systems, props around for films. Most of the time though I'm helping people move house.

Space in the Van    I've got a long wheel base LT35 high top with three seats. So I can move around one and a half tonnes of anything you can imagine and two people into the bargain.

    If you need to move house, or if you need to move anything from one place to another place I can help. I'm always happy to give a hand loading the van, and if that's not enough I can bring a friend along to help as well.

    I've recently start running a 50/50 blend of bio-diesel and since mid June this has been increased to 100%. Bio-diesel is made from vegetable oils and can partly or completly replace diesel depending on the type of engine. It is carbon neutral, meaning its production takes as much carbon out of the atmosphere as you put back when it is burnt. All this means that I am the most environmentally friendly man with a van in the North. For more information on bio-diesel visit my suppliers, Green Gold.

    To book me for a job, or to get a quote give me a call. If I don't answer I'm probably driving so leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I've stopped.

0800 73 151 66


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